What About Covid-19?


What a challenging time to be planning a wedding!  Restrictions on social gatherings are in full force throughout New York State. If you have your heart set on marrying in 2020, what does that mean?


Unfortunately, while you might view your wedding as an “essential gathering,” New York’s Governor does not. For this reason, until restrictions are lifted, I am unable to officiate at gatherings of more than a few people.


If you desire an intimate ceremony, until you can go ahead with your original plans, I am happy to help.  Whether it is leading a small, in-person ceremony with social distancing in place, conducting a ceremony via Zoom, or working with you to write and create a ceremony for someone else to conduct, I would love to help you take the next step in your relationship.


Contact me and let’s talk.  And, like you, I look forward to a time when you can carry out your plans to marry and celebrate with all your loved ones present.